Islets of Britania

Finally! after a tiring and wonderful day we finally arrived at our last stop, Britania, San Agustin. Its about 1-2 hours ride from Hinatuan, Enchanted River. We stayed at Mac Arthur’s Place which will be our jump of point for Britania Islands hopping for tomorrow morning. The resort offers perfect view of scenic Britania Islands, it has air conditioned rooms, catering services, videoke, and of course some ice cold emoticon Services stop at 10 p.m due to barangay ordinance, so if you wanna have some great time with your drinking buddies better start early.

Off to island hopping (Double Okey!)

Britania Islands is composed of 24 or 25 unspoiled islets of powdery white sands. These islets are situated at the Lianga Bay and faces the great Pacific Ocean.You can do a lot of activities here such as sightseeing of mesmerizing views, swimming, island hopping, snorkeling, and many more. . . .

Watching Hagonoy Island

Our first point of destination was Hagonoy Island its about 20 minutes pump boat ride. This Island can be compared to the famous Boracay Island because of its powered like sands.

Awesome guy in Naked Island ^_^

Peace!! i’m in Boslon Island. hehe

Boslon Island is surrounded by different rock formations and one of the biggest island among the 24 Island of Britania. It was named after a priest who took shelter on the island during the world war days. This place would be our last stop, so we stayed long and entertained our self exploring the island.

One last stop before going back to Davao =)

If i would describe my stay in the province of surigao in one word it would be “awesomeness” smile emoticon. I was so grateful being able to see the beauty of nature with the help of my friends of course. staying there was amazing and a pure leisure time.


I will surely go back to this place one day. 


Tips Getting There

San Agustin can be reached by air or sea travel from Manila or Cebu via Davao City or Butuan City or Surigao City.  Commercial buses or vans for hire are available: 3 to 4 hours from Butuan City or 5 to 6 hours from Davao City.  Then from San Agustin proper ride a tricycle an inform the driver to dropped you at the Salvacion Tourism Office.  From Salvacion ride a habal-habal to Britania port, which is more or less 2.8kms.  Hire a boat and expect travel time to be anywhere between 15-25 minutes, depending on the ocean condition.


Entrance Fee- FREE

Boat Ride – Php 500(Round Trip)

Island Hopping – Php 1500

Table with Umbrella- Php 100

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5 thoughts on “Islets of Britania

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  2. jhungot

    amigo nako ni! pinaka cool na amigo hahahaha

  3. Hahahaha! salmat sa comment jhungot! amigo jud ta. Weeeee! Hahahaha

  4. john

    I will share our getaway experience in Surigao province…We went to tinuy-an falls and enchanted river. The spots are now included on my list of the most beautiful places ive ever visited. After experiencing the magnificent falls and the enchanting river, our group decided to go to Britannia Islets. It’s morning when we arrived there, we thought that there is only one resort that will take care our needs, but we are wrong. If im not mistaken there is five of them. There is one guy that guided us to the said resort, we thought that this guy is some kind of leech that will s*ck up our money for services, that guy is from the LGU group (native in the area). We decided to look for other options and we arrived at the MC ARTHUR RESORT. We look at the prices of their foods and found out that the price is similar to Davao city, so we get out in the resort and went back to the LGU group. We found out that it’s 60 percent cheaper than the MC ARTHUR RESORT. After buying the sea foods from LGU, we stay in their small nipa hut. We are surprise when a lady came to the hut and asked us why we left the MC ARTHUR RESORT. She asked us if we encountered problem with her staff. We said we didn’t. But to our surprise, she got mad and said we are rude because we entered their resort and we left without reason. Our group answered that we have the freedom to leave their resort as long as we dont have outstanding balances and we didnt break any rules, but she insisted that we should not do that. After saying that, she immediately left.

    My point in writing this is to inform people about the said resort and to avoid future problems. If you don’t believe me, try to do the same. The locals in that area said to us that it’s not the first time that they had seen that problem.

    Thanks to the breath taking scenery of the Britannia Islets that make our stress go away because of that stupid lady.

  5. Thank you for sharing us your experience john. actually i didn’t experience such thing, maybe the lady got mad because, u did not buy something or bought food from their resort. This thing happens specially, when we our traveling we cannot control the actions of other people towards us. the best to do is move on and enjoy ever moment of our trip. hehe! by the way, where you from? i really appreciate your comment sir, your the 1st person to comment on my blog that i don’t know.. thank you!!

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